Shirley Prendeville

I have been counselling since 1995 – it is my passion. 

My practise includes a Jungian Perspective, Embodied psychology, Whole Body Focusing, NVC Communication. These approaches give meaning and depth to your journey.

When not counselling I love spending time with family, having fun, adventure, foraging, and playing the djembe drum (along with many other activities).

Life is trying to show us what requires our attention. ALL symptoms are an indication we have disconnected from the capacity to know how to ‘read’ it. Just as we grow physically for the rest of our lives, so too does the psyche require growth. Let’s cooperate with that process.

Over the years these three pieces of writing have defined and informed my practice…..

“Bless those who curse and revile me, for they are my greatest gifts”
Tibetan proverb

“We should not try to get rid of a neurosis, but rather to experience what it means, what it has to teach, what its purpose is”
C G Jung

“Do not brace yourself against suffering- try to close your eyes and surrender yourself, as if to a great loving energy.”
Teilhard de Chardin